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Canopy Pro Team offers design, manufacturing, fabrication and installation of canopy. We use state-of-the-art technology that ensures unparalleled quality and service from manufacturing to the installation of the product. We manufacture, install and repair canopies made of aluminum or steel. If you are looking for canopy manufacturers who can help you come up with a custom design for your canopy or you need canopy experts to help you out in installation of the canopy; call Canopy Pro Team on 888-738-5526.


Designs and shapes

We offer a wide variety of canopy designs and shapes. Whether your projects requires flat, bent, curved, compound shapes, painted stainless stone, caulked or dry joint materials canopy, Canopy Pro Team has a system or combination of systems to meet your individual project needs. We give our customers the freedom to choose the design, shape color and finish of the canopy that they need for their projects. Call us on 888-738-5526 and let us know what shape, design and color you want your canopy to have and we will ensure that you get the exact thing that you want.


Why Canopy Pro Team

All our services are carried out by fully trained and certified workforce that has been in the industry for a long time. For anyone who needs a quick canopy solution, we have a stock of structures ready for immediate delivery and installation thus you can get a quick and hassle free canopy solution immediately without having to wait for a long time. Canopy Pro Team offers all services and products on a budget.

Canopies are used as protection from rain, direct sun and to highlight a building or office entrance poor choice of the material used to make the canopy and poor installation of the canopy cannot only leave your office or business looking unattractive but it can also be a hazard. It is important for you to choose the right material and canopy installer to ensure that the canopy is safe and looks attractive. Canopy Pro Team can help you achieve this at your set budget.

We are always available if you have any problem with your canopy, call us on 888-738-5526 and we will provide you a solution to your canopy need or problem.

Request an estimate

To request an estimate for your project, you can call us on 888-738-5526 and let us know about what your project entails and what is required in your project so as to make it easier for us to give you an estimate cost and duration to successfully complete the project.


Canopy Pro Team services and product are very affordable. Our prices can vary depending with the material being used and the size of the canopy. We can also work with the customers’ budget to help them come up with a great canopy that is quality at a budget of their choice. Our prices include the labor charges and the products used to build the canopy. Give us a call on 888-738-5526 to learn more about our pricing and get an estimate of what your project would cost.

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